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Making Apple Pie

Our Mission

We never want to say ‘no’ to a dish a client craves—no matter what their ailment.

That’s why we work with health coaches, neuropathic physicians, and nutritionists to dream up appetizing entrées for each individual client that will satisfy cravings while meeting dietary needs.

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ince our inception, we’ve brought excitement back to mealtime for those living with diabetes, congestive heart failure, Crohn’s disease and

more with cuisine from all around the world. Each dish is sourced from fresh, local ingredients and made from scratch in the client’s home. We even clean the kitchen afterwards!

Whether you’re battling digestive issues, looking to transition to veganism, or just struggling to appease picky eaters, we want to make sure that food is something that’s bringing your family together, not tearing it apart.



Meet  theTeam

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Emma DuRocher-Cerros

Executive Chef


Myron Madden

Marketing Coordinator

 "I can’t rave enough about how delicious the meal Emma prepared for my proposal to my partner. Her laid back personality and amazing meal made the entire evening memorable."

—  Ori P.

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