Meal Prep

3 hours | $300 per week 

Menus proposed each week, tailored to your desires. Grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning done for you. Made with fresh, local ingredients! 4 meals, 4 portions of each. Additional meals $75/ea

*groceries charged seperately

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7 hours | $125 per person (12-30)

$1,000 event minimum for crowds under 15. Buffet style serving with a variety of dishes. $65 minimum per person over 20.

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3 hours | $200 per person (2-12)

Three course meal prepared in home, using the highest quality ingredients.

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À La


5 hours | $100 per hour

Let your guests be in charge of what they want. Work with the chef to create a small menu with different options to satisfy everyone's needs. As the event takes place, your guest will be able to order what they want à la minute!

*groceries charged seperately

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